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Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics

Glitter Collages
Photo: Brian Ziff
Models: Ali Michael & Riley Montana

Stones and Cash

Glitter Collage
Photo: Cameron Mackie
Model: Casey Lachuisa

Lily Label

Glitter Collage
Photo: Kelly Makropoulos
Models: Andrea Wittenberg & Francesca Van Oudtshoorn

Logan Hollowell Jewellery / White Horse Agency

Photo: Patrick Maus
Model: Jessica Michel Serfaty

The Lokal Crew

Various Edits

Martha Graeff

Illustration Edits / Personal Collection

Understated Leather

Paper Edits
Photo: Kelly Maker
Model: Mila Karumbi & Lauren Turner

Danielle Bernstein
We Wore What

Paper Edits / Personal Collection

Flynn Skye

Spring 17 Paper Edits