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  • Paper Stock: Museum Quality Lyve Canvas or Archival Quality Moab Natural Paper
  • Unframed
  • Printed upon ordering in the USA 
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About Moab Natural Paper

Award-winning 100% cotton fine art paper has superb ink handling and sharpness.
Entrada is an archival acid- and lignin-free paper with an expanded color gamut, natural contrast and high ink load.
Your prints will last for generations. The original Entrada has a smooth surface.

About Lyve Canvas

This paper delivers an excellent color gamut with a high Dmax that is useful for applications that demand excellent color rendition and a high resolution. This matte canvas also has an archival certification for 100+ years since it does not utilize any optical brightener agents. This design ensures that colors remain consistent under different lighting conditions and over time. Additionally, the paper comes on a 3" core.

  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Base
  • Basis Weight: 450 gsm
  • Thickness: 19 mil
  • Brightness: 93.37%
  • Opacity: 98%
  • Textured, Water-Resistant Surface
  • No Optical Brightening Agents
  • Acid Free with Neutral pH Coating
  • Surface Finish: Matte
  • Core Size: 3"