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Kelly Maker is a Digital Artist and Photographer most known for her unique and captivating collage styles encompassing glitters, papers and florals and many more elements in order to create eye catching pieces of art.

Residing in Australia, Kelly began her career at the age of 19, teaching herself how to digitally manipulate her images she had shot on a 35mm Camera. From there, her passion spread to editing the images of other talented photographers and models alike, producing a new and yet unseen form of collage manipulation she calls ‘paper edits’.
These artworks took social media by storm and in a mere few months Kelly’s work had been seen by some of the biggest names in the creative industry. She quickly graduated to shooting her own imagery alongside her custom work, which stands tall amongst both on its own and in conjunction with her creative flair.

From Actors to Victoria’s Secret models, Kelly has become a global sensation with her work being recognised & shared by some of the most iconic fashion houses and celebrities in the world; Versace, Miley Cyrus, a range of Victoria’s Secret models and many more.
Alongside this, Candice Swanepoel hand-picked Kelly for a one of a kind collaboration. Being a fan of her work already, Kelly was asked to create some custom artwork for her swim label Tropic of C, which Candice herself oversaw. Benefit cosmetics founders Jean and Jane Ford asked for Kelly Maker’s name to be on their 2018 campaign and likewise her collaboration with Sportsgirl and Sportsgirl beauty featured a one of a kind campaign and beauty product collaboration with Kelly’s name being at the forefront of each. She has worked with Free People, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Vogue Australia, as well as producing numerous album covers and campaigns for many amazing names across the globe and at home.

This year promises to be her most exciting yet, with some major collaborations and releases in the works. You don’t want to miss what’s coming next.

Explore more on instagram @kellymaker