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Kelly Maker is an Australian Fashion Photographer and Digital Artist currently residing in Melbourne.

Over the past year, Kelly has enjoyed many creative opportunities, from working with Sportsgirl on a 7 piece rose themed beauty collection, an accompanying campaign shot with Sarah Ellen, and an exclusive Kelly Maker x Sportsgirl studio space showcasing some of her favourite photography, to Christian Louboutin hand picking her for a one of a kind collaboration yet to be released.

Her work is unique in every aspect, quintessential Kelly Maker. Each element handcrafted with utmost care and attention to detail.

Kelly is currently working towards bringing her work out of the digital format and into print. As evident within her Sportsgirl Studio space, her works take on an entirely new format when viewed in print. The same can be said for her photography, which she uses as an accompaniment to her art, within it and on its own.

For an in depth look at Kelly’s work, explore or visit instagram @kellymaker