Kelly Maker
is a photographer and visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia.
Kelly's experience in photography expands various formats focusing on 35mm and digital. Her passion for photography, starting at a young age, lead her to start using 35mm to capture her friends and their fashion. This combined with her creative spirit, seeking a new way to interpret fashion photography, Kelly began editing her images to stand out from the crowd. 
Her artistic ventures follow a collage feel, in a unique and personalised way, Kelly has carved a style for herself, both as a Photographer and an Artist


Maja Collage I.jpg

Kelly Maker is a photographer and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Entirely self taught, Kelly has cultivated a unique and recognisable form of digital manipulation she calls 'edits'. Her work encompasses a collage style, made by hand and digitally, she has worked for various companies and influencers to create eye catching content, launching her into the art scene of Australia and abroad in under a year. 

Her photography works both on it's own, and in conjunction with her art. Utilising digital and 35mm photography, Kelly finds inspiration in everyday life, aiming to capture her subject in a unique way, focusing on whats within and without, understanding that the model is both human and a work of art, waiting to be dressed up or dressed down, understood or confused through the lens.

As Kelly moves forward with her work, she welcomes collaborations from anyone with an idea waiting to be captured or created. 
With aspirations to expand her photography portfolio and focus more on limiting her collage to only her own images, expect to see much more of her work in the future.